What We Do

Do you remember your school tour? - an exciting time away from the normal routine, to enjoy and learn with your colleagues, to get to know each other better and make real friendships.  
  • We provide you and your team safe and healthy adventures in the outdoors, with a focus on photography and walking in the wonderful natural environment on offer on our doorsteps in Ireland. Whether you would like to capture a great image while walking a trail, trekking, or while experiencing more of the activities and adventures the outdoor environment can offer, we'll help you select and undertake the best activities and adventures for you and your team.  
  • We'll provide a program ensuring a positive and creative experience, improving your personnel's health and wellbeing, while delivering real benefits for your organisation. To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all, we ensure a safety and risk plan is compiled and followed for all activities.
  • Our photography workshops and events can be a great opportunity to develop your personnel's creativity, support and challenge each other and to make effective bonds and friendships, enhancing the physical and mental health of your people, all the time in a natural and healthy environment.

What You'll Need to Bring

Given Irish weather, unless indicated otherwise in your itinerary, you should always bring with you -
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants (or overpants)
  • Walking boots (ideally) or walking shoes suitable for a trail
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Spare warm mid layer
  • Mobile phone (charged)
  • Sun hat and sun screen (here's hoping)
  • Water or fruit drink and food for a day out
  • A waterproof case to cover your camera or phone in the event of rain (a shower cap can be used for this too)
  • It's useful to have a small torch or head torch (charged) with you in case of need - essential for night or sunrise walks
  • Small backpack to carry it in